Chris Callaghan is an Australian singer, songwriter, and entertainer, with an extensive and successful history in the Australian country music industry. Chris has performed to a wide range of audiences both nationally and internationally, delivering musical versatility, an easy listening voice, and a down to earth sense of humour, ensuring his performances are always highly entertaining and popular.

Having been inspired by Johnny Cash from an early age, and in addition to his own original works, Chris is currently performing as the legendary Johnny Cash across Australia. With a number of quality albums produced throughout his career, Chris is working on a new album due for release in 2018. A Johnny Cash tribute album is also planned for simultaneous release.

Callaghan's distinctly Australian writing and performance style has enabled him to build a strong and loyal following among locals and tourists. Chris has a natural ability to connect with a diverse range of people, and this has been pivotal in establishing his place as a well known and well regarded Australian entertainer.

"At the age of eleven I performed in my first professional show as a drummer at Bathurst City Bowling Club. I knew even at this young age my passion for music would shape my future. Encouraged by family and friends and driven by personal desire and positive feedback, I've managed to establish myself as a long term, self funded independent artist. I see this as a major achievement and am proud of having been able to sustain a musical career through commitment, dedication, and determination to succeed."

2017 Chris Callaghan